We are a human capital social movement committed to providing the support services to ensures disadvantaged and out of school youth have access to the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to secure gainful employment, enterprises and lead a healthy, independent, and Eco-productive life. 

Our Achievement

  • Successful run bridge program for 10 years which impacted over 600 youth beneficiaries directly and indirectly annually.
  • Attracted collaboration with local and international organizations in implementing the program
  • Provided human resources services for different local businesses by replacing our well trained youth beneficiaries to jobs opportunities. 
  • We have mentored and coach a number of youth to start and manage groups and their own enterprises/ small businesses.
  • We have consulted for other capacity building programs, local and international organizations by using our own tailored training programs.  
  • Recognized among the best 12 Anzisha Prize finalists and fellowship in Johannesburg South Africa under the African Leadership Academy in 2012. 
  • Through our work, we have developed rich network and received different local and international  recognitions and Media coverage.

Partners & Supporters we worked with:-