Our Past Projects

We have conducted different programs and projects to help transitioning our youth beneficiaries live to a better future as follows. 

Community Educational & Training Center

The community educational & Training center was an urban school for out of school youth, the center was equipped with various resources including, self learning books, technology, teacher volunteers and other machinery for equipping out of school and street youth with skills development and education. The center connected skilled beneficiaries with small, medium businesses and companies with desired human resource for their skilled job postings. 

Sauti Ya Mama Na Mtoto

This was a one year program which seek to empower young single mothers with small business  management skills and capital acquisition for them to manage their business successful and provide for their children

Beauty Starts From The Heart

With this program, we have partnered the leading cosmetology company in Tanzania to provide capacity building programs for young single mothers and girls to help them start beauty and cosmetics services to empower them economically and support their children and families. Through this program we successfully established a beauty training center in Temeke called Queens Beauty Studio at which many girls got trained in beauty and cosmetics business.

Fashion & Designs

Through fashion and design, we have partners different local fashion and designers to help out of school youth to gain skill in tailoring and design. Through the program girls were empowered to start their own business in tailoring. Through the program we were successful established our own fashion and design for girls which was called Angel Designs.

Shamba Boys

Shamba boys was a vegetable farming project of which youth beneficiaries were empowered to farm and their produce take to market. The project was successful hense inspired the founder to secure land to do in big scales under Kizazi Huru Village farm.

Watoto Tucheze

Watoto Tucheze was a day care and an evening tutoring programs for our youth parent beneficiaries and out of school children. Out of school children got access to visit our community center everyday, they met our teacher volunteers, learn how to read, to write, health, games and spots. The program was successful that it ended up to become a day care school for children from disadvantaged families.