Bush & Eco Living Show

Anything starts with an idea, it was a great experience working on bringing the vision of Let God Be You to life. Now that we have come to starting another journey of youth empowerment, we would like to travel the journey with you through our YouTube show. Here is where you can experience our bush life and all experiences we are going through in building Kizazi Huru Village as well as learning from other youth movement across Africa and the Globe.

Capacity Building Heroes

Meet Mwalimu David as he shares his own life experiences and others in the journey of life tranformation capacity building programs. 

Darajourney Youth Meet Ups

Young people are the biggest and powerful army that can concur anything which try to be a barrier toward their journey. Capitalist Medias and information are set to weaken youth unity in performing different important tasks in collaboration. Darajourney youth meet up brings youth together for the purpose of sharing and empowering one another toward the journey to their life dreams.