Our big goal is to build Kizazi Huru Village, a dream home, eco tourism recreation Centre, a farm and training center for local youth community in rural area. We expect to implement number of small project including Bleaks laying, contraction of affordable accommodation, construction of animal and birds huts, construction of vegetable gardens tables,  construction of fish pond, water trap ponds, planting fruits forest, construction of a classroom hall and water well drilling.   One important role for Mwalimu David is mobilizing resources from different members of his community, friends and families including his own investments and individual offerings. You can consider to do the following to support this movement.


1. You can be our ambassador by talking about us, recommend us to opportunities, share idea, build relationships and sharing of our  online contents to your social medias  etc.

2. You can partner with us on a specific projects, we are open to partner with individuals, organizations and companies in implementing according to agreements. 

3. Donate your favorite fruit tree and get your name displayed on a tree for years,. one of our future revenue model is by supplying  fresh fruits from our farm to customers in and out of our community. 

4.You can buy us a goat or a cow and watch how they make impact on youth life in the long term.

5. Sponsor activity 

6.  Let us manage your tourism vacation in Tanzania,  or your holyday retreat through bush life experience, your payment contributes to our effort of building the dream village.

7. Attend our fundraising events and all online and face to face events including our subscribing to our social medias.

8. Donate financial resources, you can decide to donate financial assistance for a specific activity or allow us to allocate the money wisely for the development of the dream village Kizazi Huru Village.

9. You can donate your old local or modern technology or any useful equipment and tools.


For any type of support, we will make sure it is used in a meaningful ways to ensure the best interest of the project which is creating jobs for out of school and vulnerable youth in rural area. Mwalimu David and his team are considering to work closely with group of youth  from local community. Train them on important life skills, plan a project for each groups and equip them with tools to produce.


Our youth beneficiaries are empowered economically and education which will help them lead a positive life even after exiting the project. They will learn and work on projects, make revenue from selling and pay themselves. With financial literacy education, our youth beneficiaries will learn how to spend their earnings for families and further investment and saving. 


Our dream is too big and scary,  but with our hope to God through his people, we have testified his presence in our most difficult life and mission situations. We have gain enough experience about God our creator and so we believes that he will never leave us. He will always come to us through his people, this is why we insist in building and keeping relationships as a better way to meet God in our lives. 


We thank you in advance for the decision to get InTouch with us soon.