Our Vision

We see our organization as the leading non-profit in providing unique youth developmental solutions in African. 

Our Mission

LGBY's  mission is to equip orphaned and vulnerable youth with the

tools, resources, and opportunities to overcome poverty and become agents of change in their communities. LGBY aspires to harness the power of education and social enterprise to participate in the work of alleviating poverty, empowering youth, and building more equitable and sustainable communities.

Our Solution 


LGBY Foundation's Programs are designed to play a critical role in improving life outcomes for disadvantaged youth by providing key resources, social support, and life skills training at a critical time in the lives of young adults who lack a supportive network and the resources and training needed to successfully pursue higher education and gainful employment. LGBY Foundation's programs encompasses the following three key areas:-

Without access to such resources, orphaned and economically disadvantaged youth are at risk of re-engaging in dangerous lifestyles that may include theft, prostitution, drug abuse, homelessness, and more. Through our programs, LGBY seeks to provide a critical “bridge” to help youth prepare themselves for gainful employment and the opportunity to lead healthy, independent, and productive lives.


A recent McKinsey & Co. study reports that around the world, governments and businesses face a major challenge: high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with critical skills. McKinsey & Co.’s research finds that three junctures are critical for taking action to address the crisis of youth unemployment: enrolling in postsecondary education, developing skills, and seeking employment (Mourshed et al, 2012).


LGBY Program’s goals and objectives are specifically aligned to these critical actions that seek to preempt the unemployment crisis and create new pathways for our youth beneficiaries who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.