Soft skills and entrepreneurship training are among the very important education to help the youth group to fight against poverty and fit themselves in the labor market. Skills like decision making, time management, business planning, business idea generation, team building, workplace etiquettes etc are not been taught in schools which leave many youth both educated and those with minimal education qualifications not competent in the labor market and normal life. 


Darajourney youth meet up comes to replace bridge program after closure of our community center in Temeke. Darajourney youth meet up is a youth meet up event where youth meet to discuss different topics, share experiences and cooperating in making sure each one is directed toward their life goals. This is an event for young people in business, school, employment and street dwellers to come together and exchange knowledge. 


The even is organized under cooperation of different other stakeholders including Lakisha Company Ltd, Youth Inspiring organization, Cultural and development East Africa (CDEA). The event is still open for more collaborators to join the efforts. This is a monthly event at a specific venue including CDEA and sometimes we conduct tour to reach youth in schools, colleges and different groups.


This event is a free event to help increase the number of youth getting opportunity to skills development. We have many companied and organization which provides similar service but for a pay which normal Tanzanian youth can not afford. Darajourney youth Meet ups are charity events where youth come to learn and interact without paying a fee. We work hard to ensure the event gets sponsors and supporters to reach a wide youth audience.


our youth participants gets the time to be mentored and coached by volunteer youth coaches and mentors online or offline to help them improve in their careers, personal development and business development. Darajourney youth meet up is also an opportunity for our team to market our Darajourney Youth Camp happening in Kizazi Huru Village Morogoro twice every year.