A kind and generous donation from you today can help a disadvantaged young person.

As an individual, school, university, workplace or social group you can organise an activity or challenge that can be fun and inspiring while helping disadvantaged young people. An existing event may also be a great way for you to support our organization.

Our volunteers are aged between 18 – 80 years old and work within most of our services, as skilled volunteers and as regular community volunteers.

We value working with partners that are focused on making a positive contribution to the community, in alignment with our goals and objectives.

Book us for all your training needs our training programs varies from :-

  • Organizational Development
  • Personal and career development
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship  development
  • Social/Community Innovation

Are you an office or an individual with tools that you think of selling or give away. Please donate it to us so it can facilitate our youth beneficiaries educational and livelihood programs. For example, a Tv, a computer, a camera, a furniture etc.

Our youth beneficiaries are coming from poor families and require financial support for things like transport fee to attend an internship, pay tuition fees for college, Vocational training. Or start up capital for a small business.